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20 puzzles to solve - 20 seconds to solve them. Made for the GameMaker 20 Game Jam.

Thanks for playing 20 Puzzles & 20 Seconds! This game was made for the GameMaker 20th Anniversary Game Jam.

Use arrow keys and ENTER to navigate the menu.
Use mouse and left mouse button to interact with the puzzles.
You have 20 seconds to solve each puzzle. Succeed in doing so and you will advance.
If you run out of time, you will lose your progress and must start over. (Usually.)

developed by CrashRocks1419 :: https://crashrocks1419.com

Fun Facts: I put 20 as much as I could into this game. The name, the tempo of all the music (120), the length of the puzzle music (20 seconds exactly). I went all out, lol :)

Updated 5 days ago
Published 16 days ago
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Point & Click

Install instructions

Simply extract the ZIP file to wherever you want.
I don't care where. Maybe your desktop? Or perhaps your documents? You choose! :)


20Puzzles_20Seconds_Project.yyz 10 MB
20Puzzles_20Seconds_104.zip 32 MB

Development log


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Wow... that took a really long time - but I've completed it! I got stuck on level 3, 7, 8, 10 and 16 for quite a bit. There probably should be checkpoints as it is annoying having to go through everything so many times (especially since a lot require you to just wait). Level 11 was pretty convincing. I liked level 14 spelling bee. The graphics are good and I like how the music has the ticking of a clock, although after the 1,000th try it is pretty annoying.
The ending is definitely the best part, nice cat.
Overall this was frustrating but good anyway, great work!

Thank you very much! I'll add checkpoints in ASAP!

Update :: I've made 3 extra tracks to play so that the music has a wider variety. I've also began implementing checkpoints every 5 levels. Thank you for the suggestion. (Here's the new music: https://sndup.net/8d88/20_full_new.ogg)


Wow, awesome! They sound excellent. Checkpoints every 5 levels will be good, now that you have 4 music tracks you could have one for each 5 levels.